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fredag 30 mars 2018

Do we tend to default to fishing the same spots with the same lures because it’s worked before, but could a change work better?

Rubrikens fråga ställs av Henry Gilbey i ett inlägg den 28 mars i hans intressanta blogg. Ni hittar det (och den) här.

Of course we do. Our capacity for repeating the same old mistakes is infinite. If, indeed, a mistake it is fishing the same spot over and over again. Sea trout moves about. And if one sticks to a good spot they are bound to appear, sooner or later. Also familiarity with a spot has something going for it. So in about an hour my sons will pick me up and then we´ll go to one of my favourite places, one that I´ve been fishing for more than tree decades and am intimately familiar with. Hopefully there will be som fish there today, or att least some will pass by...

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