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tisdag 19 juni 2018

Vem kan man lita på?

Att man inte bör svälja alt man läser på nätet visste vi (?) redan, men vem  i hela världen kan man lita på? Själv litar jag på Alan Hawk. Och några till. Och ni kan naturligtvis lita på det jag skriver här...

Så här skriver Alan:

I'll give you the short version in a few words first: the vast majority of all the positive reviews you read anywhere of any product or service are fake, and virtually everyone does it no matter how respectable you perceive them to be. The exceptions are too few to the point of being statistically insignificant. This is the short version and you can stop reading now, or you can continue to read if you want the long and painful version that will most likely make you hate the world.

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